Over the years, land degradation by human activities has become one of the greatest threats to humanity


Unsustainable forest management, intensive agriculture and other industrial activities such as mining  disrupt and destroy millions of hectares of productive ecosystems each year


Today, over 40 % of agricultural lands are severely degraded and almost half of global forests have been cleared or harshly disturbed by human activities

population animal

Over the last 60 years, world animal population has declined by 60 % while global human population has tripled

Ressources et services écologiques

Right now, we use 1.6 times more ecological resources and services than nature is able to regenerate


Deforestation, land degradation, and other land use changes account for about 25 % of total global GHG emissions (close to 50 % in Latin America and Africa)

Réalisation d'activités de restauration d'écosystèmes

The World Resources Institute estimates that, more than 2 billion ha of degraded lands in the world, an area twice the size of China, are suitable for ecosystem restoration activities

Restaurer et valoriser ces terres dégradées

Sustainably restoring and valorizing these degraded lands has the potential to add up to US $ 75.6 trillion to the annual world income into green economy by creating jobs and producing valuable renewable natural resources, goods, and services


The FAO evaluates that restoring tropical forests, other forests, and mangroves costs, on average, 3 450 US $/ha, 2 390 US $/ha, and 2 880 US $/ha, respectively, while providing 148 700 US $/ha, 26 300 $/ha, and 86 900 US $/ha in benefits

Now, it’s up to all of us to sustainably reconstruct these degraded ecosystems for the benefits of humanity, future generations, and life on Earth. Viridis Terra is here to help you.